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About Us:
Elmwood has reaffirmed its town-within-a-town identity with a burst of activity that’s put a smile on the face of its main commercial strip, New Britain Avenue. The main attraction is food, though not fancy food — you can’t get a meal over $20, and many spots will fill you up for under $10. Enjoy a classic 60s clubby pub with 16 dinner specials; Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese food; real bakeries; Italian ice; pizza and grinders; tapas; NC (nutritionally correct) take home; Indian; a tasty deli/coffee shop and fresh made pet food ready to go.

Karate and Pilates places, CVS, Walgreens, a bank, a convenience store, an unobtrusive gas station and an art supply super store accompany a storefront Fred Astaire studio that educates students and entertains passersby. Elmwood is a delight to stop by and savor or to just pop in to grab what you need. Everybody’s happy to see you. All parking is free.